Monday, January 4, 2010

Purposeful blogging

For a couple of years I have tossed around the idea of blogging and experimented with several different blogs.

I learnt how to embed images in my blog at

I discovered how easy it is to take photos with my iphone and then send them to a blog at

I recorded my learning at a conference in a blog post at and wrote several blog posts late in 2009 to support participants in a workshop by providing links to useful resources.

I was inspired to put my thoughts about web 2.0 tools into writing in September 2009 in a blog post entitled Why not start with the tool and used a blog post to describe several web 2.0 tools and their application to education earlier in 2009.

So what now? I think I am ready to combine all my blogging experiments and learning into one place. My aim as a participant in BlogFest 2010 is to establish a blog where I regularly try out different online tools and "tricks of the blogging trade". I also hope to use this blog to reflect on my learning and professional development. My purpose is not only to learn about blogging but also to encourage some discussion about online tools with an educational focus and how they can be used to foster creativity and higher order thinking. I am hoping for lots of comments and contributions of ideas from other BlogFest participants and bloggers in general.


  1. This is looking good Cecily. I hope we all learn heaps in the next week or so. I think combining all your efforts in one place, or at least having a directory to all the places you can be found is a good idea. You might like to think about a links list in the right hand column headed "where to find me"

  2. Hi Cecily...and may 2010 be the year you make great progress here. I reckon one of the reasons we blog is to raise our profile within the education community. Its not about being arrogant but taking people on a journey with you. This is why I thought the discussion about purpose and audience is critical to understand why and hence what we should blog about.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I hope that having a go at blogging here will help inspire some more enjoyment of blogging as you go along in your journey - for one thing it has an auto save!