Thursday, January 7, 2010

Images and avatars

Task 2 of BlogFest 2010. Images and avatars! What an enjoyable task. I could play all day on this one. I have a few avatars which I use in different places. Probably really confusing but somehow I think different types of avatars suit different audiences. Here's a few I use regularly.

This one is a Messdudes creation. I use it mostly on OzProjects where the audience is students. At the moment I am using this one as my edna Groups avatar as well and for this blog.

A photo from from a few years back. Currently my avatar on

I can't remember where I made this one but I think it was an avatar maker that based the profile picture on an uploaded photo.

To make a BlogFest logo I used FlickrStorm to search Flickr for blogging photos with a Creative Commons licence which allowed me to share and remix the photos. I saved the photos and the attribution details required (provided as html). I then imported the photos to Picnik and enjoyed some playtime to create the logos below.

Here's the attribution details for the photos used.

20,000 a day to start a blog / CC BY 2.0

Shaggy Blog Stories
Woman's Home Blog Book
Auto Blogger
I'm blogging this
We Can Blog it
Blah Blah Blog


  1. These are really great Cecily. I love the new logos. Thanks for all the links too.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Kerrie. I am having a lot of fun doing these BlogFest challenges.

  3. Great creations especially the BlogFest logos. Very "funky". Nicholas

  4. I keep forgetting about using FlickrStorm for CC licenced images. A very helpful resource. I like the mix and range of old photos you have used in your logos but they all tie in together nicely. Well done :)

  5. Thanks Alison. I find it especially useful that FlickrStorm links through to Flickr where you can get the html code for the attribution. It makes it so easy to give the correct attribution, something I was always a bit unsure about before. Picnik is a great tool for adding special effects to photos. A lot of fun to play around with!

  6. Hi Cecily. Thank you for letting me know about Flickr Storm. I have since had a good time looking through the site with James. I think your banners are excellent!

  7. Great posters. I like the blogger flexing her muscles.