Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging about blogs

In the past my intention to follow other peoples' blogs has been quite good. Just the same as my intention to blog regularly. However, the reality of my following blogs has not matched my intention. I tend to be really put off by blogs which are scrolling pages of text. Even with shorter text pages I tend to look for the links straight away and not actually read the content. In an ideal world with more time to take an interest in blogs and blogging maybe my blogging habits would be different.

Some blogs I have intended to follow and have, in reality, visited from time to time are:

Larry Ferlazo's Websites of the Day
An absolute treasure of links to useful resources sorted into categories

Bright Ideas
A blog by the School Library Association of Victoria. I love the way the links are really easy to find in this one- underlined and in green text. Sometimes I read the whole blog entry but more often than not I go straight to the links.

Teaching Challenges
A really practical blog written by Australian classroom teacher Penny Ryder. I noticed this week she even blogs during the school holidays.

Human: For fellow teachers...
This Tomaz Lasic's blog. He is an educator in Western Australia with a passion for Moodle. His blog has just moved from to

GO2WEB20 Blog
From time to time I visit this blog to find out about the new web 2.0 tools available from

FETCH - the Flinders Emerging Technologies Community Hub
This is the home of the Emerging Technologies User Group (ETUG) at Flinders University. Members can share ideas and resources, communicate with each other, and get help for using Emerging Technologies in their professional lives at Flinders. Non members like me can just visit and look around. I guess in some ways it is more like a wiki than a blog because it is a space where lots of people add their ideas.

The Edublogger
A place maintained by Sue Waters where you can find tips, tricks, ideas and help with using web 2.0 technologies and edublogs.

The Moodleman Blog
This is where Julian Ridden shares "everything Moodle".

I am struggling to find 2 more to make a total of 10.

I subscribe to these blogs using iGoogle. It is a great way to keep track of blogs and other regularly changing content but the problem for me is that I forget to visit my iGoogle pages. For a few months I made iGoogle one of my home pages when opening Internet Explorer or Firefox but that changed when my computer was upgraded and I have not got around to doing it again.
Maybe now is the time!


  1. I have iGoogle as one of my homepages and that does help me to keep track of the few feeds that I still have in there. Hopefully you'll find some more great blogs to follow after reading everyone's posts for this challenge.

  2. Hi Cecily. Tapping into your knowledge is a wonderful experience for me. Thanks for your fantastic list. The layout of your post is excellent, the titles and the use of colour is great.

  3. Thanks for this great list Cecily. I am one of those who really likes things to come to me rather than for me to have to go to it. Now you have a blogger blog, you could think about using a blog roll, so that when you write a blog post, you ate least see the blogroll's latest offerings.

  4. Hi Cecily
    There are a few blogs we both like - but I had forgotten about the Bright Ideas one - I do check this too.